How To Overcome Jet Lag?

While traveling long distance flights covering different time zones our body’s rhythms go out of sync with the destination time causing our body condition to feel as ‘jet lag.’ To know more about this phenomenon, readers can use the CLC world free holiday tips as well can browse the website

Jet lag can show the following symptoms:
· Fatigue
· Insomnia
· Disorientation
· Swollen hands and feet
· Headaches
· Digestive problems and many more.

General Tips To Counter Jet Lag

Use the following tips to adjust your body clock to minimize a jet lag.

1. Drink enough water and stay away from alcohol and caffeine. If you find hard in consuming more water, try fruit juice or herbal tea.

2. Have a nice sleep on board and be comfortable. If you could not able to sleep due to cabin distractions at least close your eyes and remove your shoes for better comfort. If you are landing your destination in your destination at night, keep yourself awake by reading some books and listen to some music.

3. Adjust your watch to your destination time as soon as you are on the board and set your body rhythm according to that time straight away. Try to eat food as per the destination time instead of departure time.

4. Stay hydrated during the entire flight journey which is very vital. Normally dehydration takes place inside the flight due to the pressurized cabin that reduces the amount of oxygen intake.

No miracle or medicine cures for jet lag. Using the above tips, you can easily overcome the jet lag at your destination. Follow the same rule while making your return journey as well.

If you feel jet lag for more days after reaching your destination, be sure to consult a doctor who can able to help you with more tips or prescribe few medicines.