The Right Shower Drain For A Stylish Shower Room

For those of you in the process of remodeling or renovating your bathrooms, the shower drain is one factor that you may have skipped to consider. This happens to a lot of people who are kept extremely busy with all the other renovation elements. However, the shower drain is as important as any other factor in the restrooms.  You get to see many options in  There are plenty of ideas in that you can make use of. Some of them are so good that you will be able to decide immediately which you want. However, you need to consider a few factors before settling on the picture you see.

Just imagine having a great design for the restroom, and suddenly you find that the water from the shower is not getting drained properly.  You need to know which shower drain will suit your requirements. Let’s look at the most common designs popular in the market.


The traditional drain is still very much in demand. This is known by more than one name. The different names for a traditional drain include:-

  •         The point drain,
  •         The  clamping ring drain,
  •         The  grate drains,
  •         The standard drains

You need to install a traditional drain if you need a large one. Remember to leave space for a slope beneath the waterproof material so that the water and grout can drain into the shower weep holes. If you don’t allow space for this slope, there are chances of the wastewater will get collected here and this will lead to mold formation and a wet appearance.


The linear drain is one of the options most customers are choosing today. This is because of the design and the style it imparts to the bathroom. You can easily install this linear drain after taking the measurements required. The measurements should be done along with fixing the tiles of the area so that there can be enough space left to accommodate the drain.  The tile top linear style is so popular these days that most of the customers prefer the same. It also gives an elegant look to the shower area.  You have to leave an opening of at least 2.48 inches to have a good flow rate.

The important tip to remember after installation is that the linear drain has to be cleaned and should be free of hair or other obstructive particles. Otherwise, the flow rate of the water will be badly affected.

Readymade shower base

You can also use a ready-made shower base if you are in a hurry to get the job done. They are easy to install and fit in most spaces. You can double check with the dealer or manufacturer regarding the dimensions to make sure you get what you are looking for.

Remember that there is no need to settle for a cheap option which you are not satisfied with, Nowadays there are so many designs and innovative models that will fit into your budget as well as look unique. Get the opinions of an interior designer if you need a good professional advice.

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